Perfect Imperfection

After a series of four sold out concerts at the Union Theatre between 2016 and 2018, Robert Gould returned to present another evening of songs with his lyrics, “Perfect Imperfection”,


Peter Shaffer’s award-winning fictionalised account of the relationship between these two real life composers is a story for all time. Presented in a way which reaches far beyond the play’s historical roots, this production of Amadeus takes the audience on a wild ride through the trials and tribulations of music, genius, jealousy and revenge.


Based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel and the acclaimed movie starring Sissy Spacek, Carrie has been reinvented for our time in a new production sure to shake the Bridewell to its very core…

Carrie contains adult themes, violence and strong language. Special effects include strobe lighting, bright flashes, loud/sudden noises, haze/smoke and fake blood. We recommend Carrie for an adult audience.

Carrie: The Musical played at the Bridewell Theatre from 25-29 October 2022.

I took headshots, rehearsal photos and publicity shots

After Elijah

After Elijah is the 2021 winner of the MTI Stiles + Drewe Mentorship Award, a development programme run in conjunction with Mercury Musical Developments. This project has seen two progress labs take place and now we are delighted to invite all industry to come and watch the final presentation of the musical in full on Friday 1st July 2022 at The Other Palace.

Book, Music & Lyrics: Omar Baroud
Director: Matthew Xia
Mentored by: George Stiles and Anthony Drewe


Desmonda Cathabel from Jakarta, Indonesia, studying at the Royal Academy of Music, has beaten off stiff competition from 11 other talented young singers to be named the Stephen Sondheim Society Student Performer of the Year.

She was crowned last night at the end of a hotly contested West End sing-off final – the first since the passing of legendary composer Stephen Sondheim – fittingly, in the Sondheim Theatre. The £1000 first prize was donated by Sondheim Society member Tessa Kulik, in memory of her husband Mark Jones.

Runner-Up was Ella Shepherd from Bird College Conservatoire, who was presented her prize of £500 from Society donor Jeremy Chapman. A third prize was also awarded, to Jade Oswald, also training at the Royal Academy of Music.

Musical Theatre Conference 2022

Come join us! It’s time to gather and consider, with determined optimism, the prospects for musical theatre to lead the way in our evolving times. From this perspective, Stephen Sondheim’beautiful lyrics could be talking about the UK’growing new musical theatre sector over the next decade: it’our time, breathe it in: worlds to change and worlds to win’. This year’Conference will look at areas where musical theatre is making difference within the performing arts and wider society, and poised to make more significant impacts over the next decade. More information on speakers and session topics to be announced soon.

The 2022 UK Musical Theatre Conference is brought to you by Musical Theatre Network and Mercury Musical Developments, in association with Birmingham Hippodrome.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Based on the film of the same name, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels tells the story of two very different con men, the debonair Lawrence Jameson and the vulgar Freddy Benson. The chalk and cheese con men know they can’t both work the same resort so they decide to make a bet.

The first to make $50,000 from one of the many wealthy ladies of the French Riviera town of Beaumont-sur-Mer will get to stay, the loser has to leave town. All they have to decide is who is the mark – and no mark is more loaded and less aware than the American Soap Queen herself, Christine Colgate. As they try their different approaches to get the dough, they find that Christine isn’t as easy as they first thought and that this con is going to be harder and more painful than expected, but the most fun they’ve ever had.

Nominated for 11 Tony Awards in 2005, this show has it all, from glitzy dance numbers to hilarious songs and stupid jokes.

Presented by Sedos at the Bridewell Theatre

Ophelia Thinks Harder

A riotous reworking of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – with serious themes, nevertheless. Featuring Ophelia, her maid, St Joan and a couple of locals – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.

The Prince is a hazard and the new King’s a puppet. Who the hell is running Denmark? Ophelia tries to please. Ophelia fails. Ophelia thinks harder.

With guerilla feminists invading the castle, failed spells from a frustrated maid, endless direction from a wily Queen and various ignored ghosts, this is not the Hamlet you know.

Ophelia Thinks Harder is a heightened, confused and darkly-funny world, where Shakespeare meets feminism. And this time Ophelia gets all the best lines.

Presented by Sedos at the Bridewell Theatre

Stiles and Drewe Best New Song Concert 2021  

The Best New Song Prize is awarded on an annual basis recognising an outstanding song from a new musical, written by a member of Mercury Musical Developments, the UK’s largest membership organisation dedicated to developing new musical theatre writing. 12 finalists selected from 175 applicants had their songs showcased by West End performers at this celebration concert at Hackney Empire on Friday 10 September 2021

BEAM 2021

BEAM2021 is a live and digital all-day event, the UK’s biggest showcase of new musical theatre. BEAM features presentations of new musicals in development from throughout the UK, including ideas ranging from daytime bhangra raves to climate change told as a love story, from challenging the UK’s hostile environment policy to singing lesbian pirates. BEAM is for anyone interested in musicals. The 38 new musicals, found via a nationwide call-out, will be presented in live or in digital form, with also livestreaming the whole event.

BEAM is produced by Mercury Musical Developments and Musical Theatre Network, with funding and support from Arts Council England, the PRS Foundation, the Coach Jack Curran Trust, Youth Music and the Coral Samuel Charitable Foundation.