Charming Dick is filled with panto classics. Hissing, booing, and enough song and dance to make Eurovision look positively dull, all bought up to date for you big dirty kids aged 18 and over and featuring some of our favourite drag artists.

‘a panto that totally enthralled an audience that were loving every minute of it. This is a show with a huge feel-good quality to it. Pure Pantomine perfection does not come much better than this’ – Gayabouttown
‘The physical comedy is superb and the innuendos have the crowd in fits as interactive cheering sees a room full of people shouting “we love Dick!” to the protagonist. I challenge even the most humourless of prudes to go along and not crack a smile’ – The Weekender
“Out-rightly one of the dirtiest and funniest pantos to launch the season” – QX Magazine
‘Charming Dick is a feel-good festive slice of romance, innuendo and twisted dark humour. A must see!’ – QX Magazine