my name is David Ovenden and I am a freelance professional photographer providing a wide range of photographic services to individuals and businesses. I specialise in portraits (for social media, family and business), theatre, fashion and commercial photography but I can help you with all your photographic requirements. I offer studio or location shoots, and with my portable studio I can create studio quality shots in your own home, office or at your function. I can cover all areas of London and the South East, or further afield on request.

Recent Work

Family Shoot

I had a lovely shoot today with the Hayward family. Sarah and Simon and their lovely daughter Erin and new son Dylan.

It was quite a job getting everyone looking at the camera at the same time and looking natural but I think I got some good shots.

I used a LitePanels Inc Micro to give a soft diffused light, which is ideal with babies where a flash can cause a bit of a shock and start them crying.


Yes, I have been shooting Pornography, but it’s okay as it is the title of a play by Simon Stephens. So far I have done the head-shots of the actors for the programme and some rehearsal photos. I am also working in the graphic design for the poster, programme and advertising.

Pornography is the stark and shattering play that captures Britain as it crashes from the euphoria and promise of the 2012 Olympics announcement into the devastation of 7/7.

Written in reaction to the events that occurred that fatal day, Pornography offers a kaleidoscopic view of London through 7 different seemingly unrelated stories, from an angry racist teenager besotted with his teacher, to a pair of siblings that enter into an incestuous relationship, and eventually one of the bombers himself on his final journey.

“Stephens observes his characters with an almost forensic detachment and yet he makes us love them too. A play of grace and terror.” The Guardian.

Noises Off

Described by legendary New York Times critic Frank Rich as “the funniest play written in my lifetime,” Noises Off is a rip-roaring farce that hurtles along at breakneck speed. It lifts the curtain on the backstage drama of a touring theatre company as they stumble their way through rehearsals to a shambolic first night and a final disastrous performance.

It’s a world where doors get stuck, sardines go missing, actors become glued to props, scantily-clad women search for missing bags and lines are dropped nearly as frequently as the leading man’s trousers. Add in a cast bursting with tempestuous love affairs, a crippling fear of blood, secret crushes, not-so-secret drinking, and just a few precious egos and the recipe is brewing for offstage shenanigans and onstage chaos.

Can director Lloyd hold the show together? Will Selsdon stay sober long enough to make his entrance on time? Does Dotty know whether she is coming or going? The show must go on!

A Little Night Music

The Creative team behind last year’s critically-acclaimed ‘Into The Woods’ reunite for Sondheim’s most romantic score: ‘A Little Night Music’ at the Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre.

Based on Ingmar Bergman’s comedy of manners ‘Smiles of a Summer Night’, it is a musical of masterful execution and elegance. Winner of four TONY Awards, this is a musical work that has forever entranced the world of theatre.

Set in 1900 Sweden, ‘A Little Night Music’ explores the tangled web of affairs centered around actress Desirée Armfeldt and the men who love her: a lawyer by the name of Fredrik Egerman and the Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm. When the traveling actress performs in Fredrik’s town, the estranged lovers’ passion rekindles. This strikes a flurry of jealousy and suspicion between Desirée, Fredrik, Fredrik’s wife, Anne, Desirée’s current lover, the Count and the Count’s wife, Charlotte. Both men, as well as their jealous wives, agree to join Desirée and her family for a weekend in the country at Desirée’s mother’s estate. With everyone in one place, infinite possibilities of new romances and second chances bring endless surprises.

Noises Off – Posters

A series of posters created to illustrate the cast of ‘Nothing On’, the play within the play in Michael Frayn’s ‘Noises Off’.

Bye Bye Birdie

BYE BYE BIRDIE is the story of Rock Star Conrad Birdie who is the biggest artist to top the charts. Women love him, men want to be him and teenage girls around the country scream with glee at the mere mention of his name.

But when the United States Army drafts Birdie, manager Albert Peterson sees his meal ticket preparing to fly the coop, much to the delight of longtime love Rose Alvarez, who can’t wait for Albert to ditch the music business and become an English teacher. Desperate for a publicity stunt big enough to help them survive Birdie’s departure, Albert and Rose hatch a plan: send Conrad to small-town America to plant his goodbye kiss on one lucky fan for the entire world to see.

AllStar Productions at Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre
Music by Charles Strouse, Lyrics by Lee Adams Book by Michael Stewart
Director: James Hume, Musical Director: Aaron Clingham,
Choreographer: Anthony Whiteman

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